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Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices (GEOG 583)

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Spring Semester

bulletUnit 1: Introduction 
bulletUnit 2: The History of Internet and Web Mapping
bulletUnit 3: Cartography and User Interface Design
bulletUnit 4: The Software Architecture of Internet Map Servers 
bulletUnit 5: Multimedia and Hypermedia
bulletUnit 6: Software Solutions and Key technologies (Intro Group Project)
bulletUnit 7: Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction ( group project presentation)
bulletUnit 8: Distributed Component Technology and ArcIMS
bulletUnit 9: Mobile GIS and Wireless Communication / ArcIMS Installation 
bulletUnit 10: Virtual Reality and 3D Cartography
bulletUnit 11: User Profiles and Web Site Evaluation
bulletUnit 12: New technologies: AJAX, semantic web, mashups, and grid computing.
bulletUnit 13: Cyberinfrastructure, Virtual Organization, and Cloud computing.
bulletUnit 14: The Future of GIServices  
bulletGroup Presentation.  (May 8 at 2:00pm - 5:00pm)

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