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Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices (GEOG 583)

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Instructor:    Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou

Overview:   This course introduces current development of Internet mapping and advanced cartographic skills in web-based maps.  By using web-authoring tools (Microsoft Expression Web), Virtual Globes (Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer), open source tools (Leaflet, GeoJSON, R) and Internet Map servers (ESRI ArcGIS Online, ESRI Story Map, and MapBox APIs), students can learn both the techniques of Internet mapping and the principles of web-based cartography, including multimedia, animation, 3D visualization, and user interface design.  The lectures will focus on the theories and principles behind the Internet mapping, including distributed component technologies, graphic designs, and network communications.  The lab exercises will focus on the practical applications and Web design skills for Internet mapping services.

 Prerequisites: GEO 380 or GEO381 or GEO484 or Web design experiences.

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