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Last Updated: November 14, 2005

*Any media or persons are welcome to reproduce or redistribute these maps and information by acknowledging the map producers and the Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

Geography Course Web Sites:

Geographic Information Science and Spatial Reasoning (GEO 104)
Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices (GEO 583)
Computer Programming for Geographic Analysis

Research Topics:

Software Agent Model and Geoagent Communication Protocols (http://map.sdsu.edu/geoagent)
Wireless Mobile GIS (http://map.sdsu.edu/mobilegis)
Web-based GIServices (http://map.sdsu.edu/arc)
Visualization (coming soon)
Metadata Modeling (coming soon)

Tsou, M.H. Internet GIS and Geospatial Information Technology. National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, June 14th, 2005. (14MB)

This Web server also hosts the following Web sites:

NASA ARC Project (2001) "Web-based GIS and Analytical Java Tools": http://map.sdsu.edu/arc
NASA ARC Project (2002) "Mobile Wireless GIS Project": http://map.sdsu.edu/mobilegis/
GeoAgent Project (Intelligent Software Agents): http://map.sdsu.edu/geoagent
CartoAgent Thesis Research (created by Rasmus Larsen): http://map.sdsu.edu/cartoagent/
Geog 104 (Geographic Information Science and Spatial Reasoning)
Geog 583 (Internet Mapping and Distributed GIS)
The "Internet GIS" book: http://map.sdsu.edu/gisbook
Student Outcome Assessment Survey: http://map.sdsu.edu/soa/surveylist.htm
SDSU Visualization Center: http://map.sdsu.edu/visual

Other Internet GIS resources:

ORST-1 Advancing Web GIS "Beyond Mapping" Oregon State University (http://www.geo.orst.edu/ucgis/webgis.html)

Related Courses:

Geog 381 Maps and Graphic Methods (Computerized Map Design) http://geography.sdsu.edu/People/Pages/tsou/geog381/
Geog 484 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems http://geography.sdsu.edu/People/Pages/tsou/geog484
Geog 581 Cartographic Design
Geog 583 Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices



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