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Last Updated: November 14, 2005

*Any media or persons are welcome to reproduce or redistribute these maps and information by acknowledging the map producers and the Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

Along with the progress of computer networks and the popular use of the Internet, distributed geographic information services and Internet mapping facilities have emerged as primary research areas in geographic information science (GIScience). The need for global access to and decentralized management of geographic information is pushing the geography community to deploy a distributed geographic information service (GIService) architecture on the Internet. However, current research mainly focuses on data interoperability and ad-hoc technique-centered solutions without considering the uniqueness of on-line spatial information and the distribution of geographic information systems (GIS) processes.

Our goals are to facilitate the development of on-line GIS applications from a short-term, technology-centered project to a sustainable development strategy.

A prototype of dynamic Internet map server (DIMS), a GIS-oriented software agent model, and a geoagent communication protocol (GCP) will be developed and installed in this Web site in order to identify the requirements of distributed GIServices and the implementation procedures of Internet mapping facilities. This Web site is also used for the development of the SDSU course, Geography 583: Internet Mapping and Distributed GIS, and its lab exercises.






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