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Last Updated: November 14, 2005

*Any media or persons are welcome to reproduce or redistribute these maps and information by acknowledging the map producers and the Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

(for the best performance, save the movies file into your local disk then play)

GPS Demo: Car Navigation and Blue Tooth GPS
WMV Version (640x480)

Mission Trail Regional Park Testing Scenario:
MPEG Version (320x240 resolution)
WMV Version (640x480 resolution)

Operational Metadata (GIScience 2002 Presentation)
(MPEG Version 320x240).

Mobile GIS and Wireless Communication (NASA ARC project):
MPEG Version (320x240 resolution)

WMV Version (640x480 resolution)


(PowerPoint Slides)

GIS and Public Health (November 12, 2003, SDSU)

NASA 2003

Tsou, M.H. 2002 An Operational Metadata Framework for Searching, Indexing, and Retrieving Distributed Geographic Information Services on the Internet. Geographic Information Science-Second International Conference (GIScience 2002). Boulder Colorado.

Tsou, M.H., (2002), An Intelligent Agent-based Architecture for Internet Mapping -- Dynamic Construction of Cartography Knowledge Base. 2002 AAG Annual Meeting, March 19-22, Los Angeles.

Tsou, M.H. and Buttenfield, B.P.; (2000), Agent-based Mechanisms for Distributing Geographic Information Services on the Internet, GIScience 2000: First International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Octorber 28-31, Savannah, Georgia.

Tsou, M.H.; (2001) Dynamic Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices, NSF Arctic GIS Workshop, January 21-24, Seattle Washington, 2001.

Tsou, M.H. (2001). Web-based Geographic Information Services and Analytic Tools for Natural Habitat Conservation and Management. NASA ARC project.

Tsou, M.H. (2002). GEO 596: Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices. NPACI EdCenter Faculty Program Spring 2002 Presentations. May 13, 2002. San Diego State University.

Tsou, M.H. (2002). Internet GISerivices: Web-based Geospatial Information Services. Invited Speaker at Comlex Sensor Networks Visualization. May 14, 2002. San Diego State University.


Project Documents:

NASA Project Final Report (Draft). (2002) Web-based Geospatial Analytical tools for Environmental Monitoring and Management.




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