GEO 583 Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices

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LAB 6:  ArcGIS online and Story Map

Created and updated by Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou,

revised on 3-4-2015
Department of Geography, San Diego State University


Due day: March 8

10 Points (total 100).


Group Project Data Sets: Y: drive /group  folder.

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ArcGIS online

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1. ArcGIS Online  Exercise


1.  In the Y: drive, first open the "Organization-ArcGIS-Online-Account-Explanation-final.pdf" file.  Read the content for 15 minutes.


2. Next, open the "Making a Webmap-final.pdf" document in the Y: drive.

Follow the instruction to complete the ArcGIS Online Exercise.

SAVE Your final map into ArcGIS online and share it with the GEOG583  Group.

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Additional ArcGIS online Tutorial Resources (optional):


Introduction to ArcGIS Online 

YouTube Video:

Subscription Price Plan:

Credit charge example:

Tutorial Example: (Use this Tutorial to Learn ArcGIS online



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Spend 5 minutes to read the Introduction to Story Maps:


Spend 10 minutes to review some good examples of Story Maps:  (California Geographic Alliance:


Go to the ESRI Story Maps Gallery  and Spend 20 minutes to explore the different styles of Story Maps.  Which one you like and which one you don't like? 


(The next lab exercises will go through the Story Maps Tutorial).

4. What to turn in

(print out a paper copy to the Instructor)

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1. Create one new ArcGIS online map and share it with the HDMA GEOG583 Group.  We will review your maps in the next lab.


2: Compare the "usability", "key functions", and "target audience" between ArcGIS online maps versus ESRI Story Maps. Write a paragraph (200 words) to compare the two products.

3. Give One Good Example of the ESRI Story Map and provide the link (URL) and a few description about Why you like this story map. 

D. Use on-line search engine and resources to find out a brief explanation of the following terms:


LEGO-like GIS component


OpenGIS Implementation Specifications




Operational Metadata  (Reading:


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