GEO 583 Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices

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LAB 8:  Camtasia (Video Production) and Mobile GIS applications (Survey 123).

Created by Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou,
Department of Geography, San Diego State University


Due day: Before the next LAB session at 12:30.

10 Points (total 100).


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PART-1: Camtasia Tutorial

One of your final group project requirement is to create a group project video (3 minutes) using the Camtasia Software.

This software is one of the most popular tool for creating video tutorials and presentations via screencast or slides.  All the SAL lab machines have installed the Camtasia Studio 8 for this course. ( )


1. Learn How to use Camtasia Studio 9 with these tutorials:

Please complete the first eight videos of introduction (around 30 minutes total).  Then you can try to use the Camtasia by yourself.

There are some other resources about Camtasia Tutorial on YouTube:  For example:



Please create a very short video (10 - 60 seconds) and save it on your Z: drive or publish on a YouTube Account.  (Such as how you create ESRI story maps or using ArcGIS online or use Microsoft Office applications).


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PART-2: SURVEY 123 (popular Mobile GIS app).

(Finish the four lessons - around 2 hours).

Then create a demo survey and share the link in the Blackboard.


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What to turn in

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Now, write down your answers on the on-line forum (5 points) and print out a paper copy.


1. What are key functions in Camtasia? What kinds of video output format can the Camtasia create?

2. What did you like and dislike the Camtasia software?  Why?

3. Publish your short video (10 - 60 seconds) with a introduction title on a YouTube account or save it on your Z: drive.  List the URL or the filename in your Z: drive.  

4. Publish your own survey example using Survey 123 and share the link.


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