GEO 583 Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices

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LAB  9 :  Leaflet Tutorial Part- One

DUE:  April 5th, 2018.

5 Points.


Watch the Leaflet Intro Video by the creator (13 mins), Vladimir Agafonkin.


1. Please copy the "Leaflet_Tutorial-Part-One.pdf" in the Y: drive into your Z: Drive.

2. Open the PDF document and Follow up the Instruction.


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What to turn in (due day: April 5th, 2018  -  After the Spring Break ):

Print out the following map webpages in Chrome.

1. EX1_circle.html and EX1_polygon. html.

2. EX1_2_points.html

3. EX1_2_excel.html

4. EX1_3_cluster.html

5. EX1_4_college.html

6. You should test each of programs and make sure that they work properly.

7. Write a short essay to discuss the following issue. Which one do you prefer to use between a basic point map VS a marker cluster map? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of maps?

Print out each map web pages and the essay. Staple together and submit it by the next lecture time.


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