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Last Updated: August 7, 2004

Aerial Imagery
Fire Photos

Fuel Moisture Content (FMC) Map

Population Density

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Digital Elevation Model

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Fire District Zones

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Aerial Photos

Satellite Image of San Diego Wildfires 10.27.03
Source: http://www.nasa.gov/home/index.html


MODIS thermal mapping data over a satellite image 10.28.03
This map was created by David F. King (click the map to download the actual PDF map)

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I overlaid MODIS thermal mapping data over a satellite image of the smoke and fire and added some landmarks. The MODIS points are attributed by temperature. I wasn't sure where to make the cutoff, so I used 451 degrees. The red points are probably still burning, and the yellow points are hot, but mostly 150-300 degrees. You can see the outline of what had burned as of about 10 this morning.

David F. King
Senior Biologist
amec Earth & Environmental
5510 Morehouse Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
858-458-9044 x257 858-458-0943 (fax)


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