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Last Updated: November 14, 2005

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Mobile/vehicle tracking, personal tracking, and Web-based tracking

The most popular tracking solutions are vehicle tracking services. Additionally, there are personal tracking devices and Web-based GPS tracking systems (like ArcIMS Tracking Server). Our goal at SDSU is to find software that allows us to input GPS coordinates collected by the pocket PC into the software program on the desktop computer, then create an Internet map that displays these coordinates and the change in coordinates in simulated or real time.

Mobile tracking

ESRI offers a product called ArcIMS Tracking Server. Just as the purpose of mobile GIS is to update maps in real-time, Tracking Server is the integration of real-time data and GIS. Tracking Server is a centralized hub that collects and disseminates real-time data from a variety of clients. It helps to monitor the movement of or change in entities over time, such as animals, storms, or discrete incidents like criminal activities.

Trimble also boasts providing the “world's first truly affordable and highly reliable mobile tracking device,” the The TrimTrac™ locator. TrimTrac is used for personal vehicle tracking, vehicle monitoring, security and recovery services and other services. It is a self-contained end-user device, lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. TrimTrac exhibits an unparalleled level of integration, which allows is functionality, compactness, and low cost. “Internally, a GPS receiver and GSM modem are integrated onto a single board and are controlled by a common microprocessor.”

ER Mapper provides an image Web server and real-time tracking solutions. ER Mapper’s real-time tracking service combines ER Mapper’s Image Web Server, MapInfo MapXtreme, and Microsoft SQL Server to show the continual location change of selected objects over a background of images and street maps.

Findware, based in London, provides a variety of tracking systems and solutions that can be used for vehicle tracking, personal tracking, and Web-based tracking. First, they offer tracking devices for vehicles and assets, personal use, surveillance, boats, and containers. Additionally, they offer tracking applications for Web-based tracking, desktop PCs, pocket PCs, and SMS/3G. Lastly, they offer other solutions including services and consultancy. Findware offers tracking solutions for various GPS devices and other devices that use different positioning systems, such as GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). The Followit device is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices in the world to track in real time or log the movement of various assets.


Fleet management and vehicle tracking

Trimble provides a service called Telvisant Fleet Management. The subscriber provides a computer and an Internet connection and Trimble provides the service. The subscription to Telvisant Services provides position and status reports for each vehicle at intervals that are right for the subscriber’s operation and budget. The powerful reporting capabilities let the subscriber analyze the fleet's performance and help improve decision-making.

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc. (ATTI) features the Shadow Tracker™ Premier. This product is a wireless GPS mobile unit that can be combined with the company’s Pro Mapping Software. This software provides maps of various scales, from international, to state, local, and community.

LandAirSea Systems offers the LandAirSea 3100 GPS Tracking System. The device is the 3100 GPS tracking unit, which is a complete, self-contained vehicle tracking device that runs on batteries. The 3100 tracking unit comes in different varieties: battery powered, magnet mount, and waterproof. A special feature of the 3100 GPS Tracking System is that it offers the Universal Tracking Key, which fits into the USB port of any computer. Used in parallel with the 3100 GPS tracking unit, this product allows anyone in the world to use the 3100 GPS Tracking System. It works with any map program in the world, such as Rand McNally or Microsoft. Another product offered by LandAirSea is the 7100 Real Time Tracking System with national coverage. It is a Web-based real-time tracking system that can be used to track the instant location of a vehicle from anywhere in the U.S.


For system integrators

Trimble offers a variety of products. These include: AVL Subsystems for Public Safety, which are in-vehicle hardware and base-station software for use in public safety emergency response networks; In-vehicle hardware for tracking systems, which perform positioning, communications, and messaging operations; and the Telvisant Developer Program, which provides tools and support for bringing vehicle data into software applications.


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