Transportation was one of the first fields to benefit from the development of Internet GIS, popularized by online trip planning programs like MapQuest ( or Yahoo! Maps ( This chapter describes some applications of Internet GIS in transportation, especially transportation information dissemination and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). It also discusses a way of designing a Web-based transit information system that allows transit users to plan a trip itinerary and to query service-related information, such as schedules and routes, using Internet GIS technologies. With Internet GIS, schedule, traffic, and construction information can be provided on the Internet in a graphic manner. Most of the traditional customer service functions (e.g., schedules, routing, itinerary planning, and real-time traffic information provision) in transportation agencies can be enhanced or even replaced by Internet GIS or other Web-based information systems.


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Chapter 12 Internet GIS Applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems

12.1 Introduction
12.2 Review of Transportation Information on the Internet
12.3 Examples of Internet GIS Transportation Information Dissemination

      12.3.1 Static Map Service (B1 Service)

      12.3.2 Location Maps and Driving Directions (Level C1 Service)

      12.3.3 Real-time Transportation Information Systems( Level D1 Service)

      12.3.4 Decision Supporting Trip-Planning Systems( Level D2 Service)

      12.3.5 Traveler Planning with InfoPolic 2 ( Level D2 Service)

12.4 An Architecture of A Distributed Transit Information System

      12.4.1 System Components and Implementation

      12.4.2 User Interface Design

      12.4.3 Map Server Functions Design

      12.4.4 Data and Database Management Systems

      12.4.5 Network Analysis Component

12.5 Development of Transit Path Finding Algorithms

      12.5.1 Headway-Based Path Finding Algorithm for the Transit

      12.5.2 Schedule-Based Path Finding Algorithm for Transit Network

12.6 An Object-Oriented Dynamic Transit Networks Model
12.7 Conclusions


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