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Mobile GIS with GPS mapping

We used mobile GIS technologies (ESRI ArcPAD and wireless blue tooth GPS) to take some digital videos and high-resolution photos by driving through the Highway 52 and around mission trail regional park (MTRP) on November 12, 2003. 

Special thanks to Lloyd (Pete) Coulter for driving the vehicle and taking these digital pictures.  Also thanks to John Ryan for introduce the panorama image concepts.

  (The first step: synchronize the time clock between the digital video, Pocket PC, and digital camera.)

  (connect the wireless blue tooth GPS (left) with Pocket PC (right). 

  (take videos and pictures)

  (create the panoramic view, at the Visitor Center of Mission Trail Regional Park)

(Click Here to see the QuickTime Movie for Panoramic View:  Download File Size: 8MB.  You need to have QuickTime Movie Viewer)

These videos and pictures show where the wildfire stops and the preliminary damage in these area (red shading).  The following map was created by using a GPS tracking log data (pink line is showing our vehicle driving path) with the location (blue dot) of high-resolution pictures with panorama 360 degree view.  The yellow line is the boundary of mission trail regional park. (Click the blue text to zoom in)


View1: Convoy Street and Highway 52. 
(Click Here to see the QuickTime Movie, 20MB)

View2: Santo Road and Highway 52
Click Here to see the QuickTime Movie (23MB)


View3: North Entry of Mission Trail Regional Park
Click Here to see the QuickTime Movie (21MB)

View 4: Mission Trail Regional Park, Visitor Center
Click Here to see the QuickTime Movie (8MB)

Other pictures:

Click here to see more "fire pictures" provided by Jim Samuelson

Coming soon.  The digital video clips!

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