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Fire Pictures

These images are provided by Jim Samuelson

I shot this from just below the Valley View casino off Lake Wholford Road of the Paradise fire while it was still burning.  It is 8 images stitched together and the entire field of view is burned. I live in Pauma Valley and my home was spared, although the fire came within a kilometer of it.    ----- Jim



2:30a Sunday morning from our bedroom
10:00a going strong in the river bottom
10:30a checkin in on Don across the street
11:18a first air support
12:30p Don in his yard
this tree is right behind the steel building in the 10:30a photo above
2:00p guacamole prices going up
 2:30p hand crew from Pine Grove, CA
Tuesday in Rincon
Tuesday sunset
the column in the right side
of the sun is a chimney.....

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