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Last Updated: November 14, 2005

Any media or persons are welcome to reproduce or redistribute these maps and information by acknowledging the map producers and the
Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

Click to view the Potential Landslide Analysis Map


Potential Landslide Analysis map created by San Diego State University Students.

Check out the San Diego Fire Recovery Network (SDFRN) website. The new GIS data center website includes downloadble data,both maps, shapefiles and metadata. >>Continue

3D Fire Spread Animation Movies created by Harry D. Johnson, Department of Geography, SDSU. Requires Quicktime 6.5 or later version.

Mobile GIS with GPS mapping. We used mobile GIS technologies (ESRI ArcPAD and wireless bluetooth GPS) to take some digital videos and high-resolution photos. >>Continue

During the week of October 26, 2003 two wildfires (Cedar and Paradise) savaged San Diego County. The wildfires killed 16 people and burned down 2427 homes and businesses (source: www.signonsandiego.com). These fires caused the worst damage in the history of San Diego and California. This web site was created immediately on October 27 to provide web mapping services for helping our local community. This site is updated daily and provides maps of the San Diego wildfires with various live ArcIMS web mapping services, static maps, and research articles. Most maps on this site have been created by the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

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