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     An effort is being made to collect and disseminate all GIS-related data and information  available  via  this  website.  It  is  our intent to contact, coordinate and acquire additional sources of data relating to the San Diego Wildfires  including  those  collected  by various agencies, organizations, research  facilities, educational facilities, and interested parties. It is a  SDFRN  Data  Management  goal  to  incorporate  as  much of this data as possible.  At  this  time,  however, only one set of data has been included below.  If  you  have  or know of additional datasets that can be included, please contact Dr. Ming-Hsiang TsouDr. Scott Fleury or Ms. Angela Johnson.

      The  data  included  below  is  one  set  of GIS data that has been created during/post  the  San Diego fires. The GIS data listed below were collected and  developed  by  the  Department  of  Interior  Burned  Area  Emergency Stabilization  and Rehabilitation (BAER) Team. Some of the data layers were used  for making maps for the Cedar, Paradise, Otay, and Old fires. As part of  these  efforts,  over fifty maps were also developed. The data and maps were transferred to Technology Association International Corporation (TAIC) where the data were reorganized for distribution.

     The GIS data were categorized into several packages, according to thematic types. They are as follows:

  •   Base GIS data package

  •   ICS data package (GIS data about fire suppression)

  •   GIS data package for watershed and vegetation treatments

  •   GIS vegetation data package

  •   GIS data package for watershed assessment

  •   GIS data package for hydrologic watershed modeling

  •   Photographic image files (currently not available)

     Each  package  includes Cedar, Paradise, Otay and Old fires subdirectories. An  "allfires" directory covering all four fires is typically included with each  package.  Each  subdirectory  includes several shape files, including .shp, .dbf, .shx, .prj,  and .xml (metadata) files.

    The  projection  for all GIS data relating to the Cedar, Paradise, and Otay fires is California State Plane, Zone 6, NAD 83; mapping units are in feet. The  projection  for all GIS data relating to the Old fire is UTM, Zone 11; mapping units are in meters.

      * Click the links to download the data. After downloading, you could unzip these ZIP files with WinZip or other data-compression tools.

File Structure Outline
v Base Package
All fire(14.7M) Lakes   (398K) Coverage
Soils  (10.4M) Coverage
Tribal  (276K) Coverage
Counties  (3.6M)
Cedar fire (620K) Ownership   (620K)
Otay fire (147K) Ownership   (54K)
BLM_wilderness  (94K)
Paradise fire (96K) Ownership  (96K)
Old fire (43K) Ownership (43K)
v ICS Package Cedar fire (185K) Fireline   (53K)
FirePerim  (41K)
FireProgress  (75K)
ICS Pts   (9K)
Origin  (9K)
Otay fire (35K) Fireline  (11K)
FirePerim  (3K)
ImpactedFence   (9K)
Origin   (4K)
Sign&Mirrors  (7K)
Paradise fire (197K) Bridges  (9K)
FireLine   (33K)
FirePerim   (20K)
ICS pts ( ICS Points)  (8K)
102603_Perim_Poly (October 26, 2003)  (8K)
102703_Perim_Poly (October 27, 2003)  (11K)
102903_Perim_Poly (October 29, 2003)  (15K)
103003_Perim_Poly(not used on the map) (16K)
110103_Perim_Poly (*November 1, 2003)  (16K)
110203_Perim_Poly(not used on the map)  (17K)
110303_Perim_Poly (*November 3, 2003)  (19K)
Old fire (318K) FireLine   (40K)
FirePerim   (12K)
ICS_pts (ICS Points)  (7K)
102503_1745_peri.shp (October, 25, 2003)  (18K)
102603_1345_peri.shp   ( October, 26, 2003)  (28K)
 102703_1645_ old_u11n27.shp ( October, 27, 2003)  (34K)
102803_0830_old_u11n27.shp   ( October, 28, 2003 8:30am)   (39K)
102803_1715_old_u11n27.shp   ( October, 28, 2003 5:10pm)  (40K)
 102903_1200_peri.shp   ( October, 29, 2003)   (30K)
110103_pm_peri.shp   (  November, 01, 2003)  (16K)
110203_pm_peri.shp   ( November, 02, 2003)  (15K)
110603_ics_poly.shp   (  November, 06, 2003)  (12K)
v Treatments Package All fires (37K) BaronaGolf_own_int  [1]  (10K)
Hydromulch   (12K)
Treatments   (16K)
Cedar fire (219K) Values (values at risk)  (21K)
Treatments    (14K)
Hydromulch  (5K)
ChannelDebris  (5K)
Weed_control  (7K)
Weed_monitor  (138K)
 Barona_haztree [2]  (7K)
Barona_haztreeusrvey [1]  (7K)
 Inaja_haztree [1]  (6K)
Barona_haztree [1]  (7K)
Viejas_haztree  [1]  (8K)
Otay fire  (81K) Values (values at risk)  (13K)
Weed_control  (Vegetation Control Area)  (25K)
Weed_monitor ( Vegetation Monitoring Area)   (36K)
Paradise fire  (207K) Values ( values at risk)   (15K)
 Weed_control    (19K)
Weed_monitor   (140K)
Treatments   (13K)
SanPas_haztree  [1]  (8K)
Rincon_haztree  [1]  (3K)
Old fire  (56K) Treatments   (12K)
Weed_monitor  (44K)
v Veg Package Cedar fire (8.3M) Veg  ( Pre-Fire Vegetation)  [3]  (6.2M)
 Vegmort  (Vegetaion Mortality)   (2.1M)
Otay fire (763K)  Veg  ( Pre-Fire Vegetation)  [3]  (738K)
  Vegmort  ( Vegetaion Mortality)  (17K)
Paradise fire (1.6M) Veg  ( Pre-Fire Vegetation)  [3]  (1.4M)
 Vegmort  ( Vegetaion Mortality)  (249K)
Old fire  (507K) Veg ( Pre-Fire Vegetation)  (503K)
v Watershed Package All fires (2.7M) Watershed_analysis (107K)
Baer_hydro  (2.6M)
Cedar (13.5M) Response  ( Watershed Response)  (4.8M)
   Severity ( Burn Severity)  (3.7M)
Erosion_pot  (Erosion Potential) GRID FORMAT  (4.0M)
Otay fire (943K) Response  (Watershed Response)    (151K)
Severity (  Burn Severity)  (275K)
 Erosion_pot  (Erosion Potential) GRID FORMAT  (706K)
Paradise fire (2.8M) Response  ( Watershed Response)   (1.2M)
 Severity (  Burn Severity)  (715K)
Erosion_pot  ( Erosion Potential) GRID FORMAT)  (920K)
Old fire Analysis_watersheds  (3K)
v Modeling Package(2 parts) Package Cedarparotaygrids  (modeling package part 1) streams  (2.2M)
model_pour_points  (6K)
cpo_watersheds  (61K)
 several ArcInfo GRID files used for watershed modeling.  These include flow accumulation, flow length, and elevation.
 Watershed_dialog.avx – ArcView 3x Extension used by the BAER Team for their watershed modeling  [4]
precipgrids (modeling package part 2)

Storm Event isopluvials from the California Rainfall Atlas.

   2 year – 1 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour
  10 year – 1 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour
  25 year – 1 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour

 [1]  Original shapefile.  This file was preserved in order to retain the XML metadata associated with it.

 [2]  Original shapefile.  This file was preserved in order to retain the XML metadata associated with it.

[3]   Note data source is the “veg95” coverage distributed by SANDAG.

[4]   These data could be requested by contacting: 
           Mr. Michael Parenti Phone: (510) 883-9150
          M. Parenti & Associates Fax: (510) 883-9148
         2526 Califonia Street Cell Phone: (510) 508-4392
         Berkeley, CA 94703