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The San Diego Fire Recovery Network (SDFRN) is a network of community organizations, government agencies, and concerned citizens who have come together to address the widespread ecosystem changes in San Diego County caused by the historic fires of 2003. This website is dedicated to the distribution of GIS data, metadata, website information, mapping efforts and other GIS-related efforts relating to these fires. This web site is a collaborative effort between SDRFN and the Department of Geography at San Diego State University.


Our goal is to create one centralized website that will serve as a storage warehouse allowing  users easy access to GIS-related data and information relating  specifically to the 2003 wildfires in San Diego. This centralized database  will  offer  geo-referenced  data,  metadata, maps, other website links,   and   other  related  information  to  decision-makers, planners, researchers,  and  anyone  interested  in the 2003 fires. Centralization of data,  and  easy  access  downloads  are  the  main  goal  for  the website development, although advanced querying capabilities are also a functional goal of the site.

San Diego Fire Recovery Network
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Our website is part of San Diego Fire Recovery Network which consists of relevant government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies and whoever would like to participate in the improvement of the environmental recovery in San Diego area.

        The URL of this Data Center Web site is       HTTP://MAP.SDSU.EDU/FIRENET

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