GEOG 583  Internet Mapping and Distributed GIServices                                              2009 Spring

(30% of total course grade)


Group Project:


Two or three students will form an �Internet Mapping project team�.  Each group will submit one page proposal on March 5, 2009 and choose a possible project topic.  Each team will select a team coordinator, who will coordinate the work progress of your project.  The proposal will list the following items in a single page:

bulletThe title of your project,
bulletMembers� names,
bulletCoordinator�s name,
bulletOne paragraph to explain your project (200-300 words), and 
bulletWeekly schedules and individual assignments.


Each team will spend five minutes to introduce their project to the class on March 5.


Each team will give a brief group project progress report (two minutes) at the beginning of lecture each week (after March 8).


At the end of semester, each team has to submit an �Internet Mapping project final report� in paper format and publish the result to group project web pages.   The whole team members will present your project in front of the class as the final exam. The final report presentation will be hold in May 12  from 2:00pm -  5:00pm in SAL lab (SH338).  Each team has 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.  (If you need to use the Powerpoint slide, save the slide in a floppy disk or send it to before your presentation.)  The contents of your presentation should follow your group report.  (Everyone are required to attend the presentation classes and sign-up your name).  The final report (paper format) is due on the May 19  at noon in the instructor�s mailbox (TSOU).


The Final report should include:


Group report (10-15 pages, double space, submit by each group) should include the following items:

bulletTeam members
bulletProblem statement (why are you doing this project? why Internet mapping?)
bulletLiterature review (other similar projects or fundamental theories � scientific journals or on-line resources)
bulletDatabase management and ArcIMS setup (where do your data sets come from? Where do you put them on the Web and which version of ArcIMS do you use?)

o   Results (introduce your web design and published data)



Individual report (3-5 pages, double space, submit by individuals):

bulletThe major accomplishment of your group project.
bulletYour own contribution to the project
bulletWhat do you learn from this project?
bulletYour suggestions for the project (If you can re-do this project, which part of the project would you improve?)




Final presentation 15%, Web Design 25%, Group project report 40%, Individual report 20%.