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Are you familiar with geographic information systems (GIS)? Haveyou heard about software agents? Geographic information system is the computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information to provide related service, such as spatial analysis and database management. 

The software agents are computer programs  which could act on behalf of the user and employ a certain kind of intelligence. Recently, one of the GIS research focus has been tuned to distributed geographic information services aiming to take advantages of the fascinating development of computer networks as well as the more and more popular use of the Internet.

Considering the unique characteristics of the spatial information, or geo-referenced data and the distribution of geographic information systems, geoagent will be developed in order to meet the need of global access to the spatial information available and distributed geographic information services. For example,  user could search, retrieve or access the required geo-data remotely, could find the appropriate GIS software on the remote sever to perform the analysis and to wait for the result to be transferred back. In order to share the internet resources, geoagents will find the desirable computer who has abundant resource available to perform the analysis in the future. In that way, geoagents  will have significant impacts on the next generation of GIS architecture. 

The goals of this research Web site are:

    1.  To introduce the primary project research on the development of  geoagent, a GIS-oriented software agent model  for distributed GIServices, as well as a geoagent-communication protocol.
    2.  To introduce related knowledge of geographic information science and software agents, including technologies, research areas, applications, and to provide useful Web resources to the Software Agent and GIS community.
     3.  To provide a discussion site, such as forum for those who are interested in the similar subjects to exchange research ideas, methodologies, and etc.


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