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NEW!  Damage Assessment Map

NEW!  Damage Assessment Map with Census Data and Fire Perimeters (from SANDAG)  This web map overlayed census data (1990 street blocks from ESRI's ArcDATA), ZIP code areas, and updated fire perimeters (provided by SANDAG) with aerial photos.  You can use query tool to identify the demographic profile of each street blocks. (created by Ming)

NOTICE:  Since all fire GIS data are gathered from different agencies with different data uncertainty (data accuracy).  The web map may contains some geospatial errors. Please only use these maps for preliminary reference.

To protect the privacy of home owners, all damaged houses areas are buffered 100meter and all address information were deleted from the GIS databases. (Ming)

Click Here to open the map viewer (30 seconds).

Special Thank to SANDAG staff for providing updated fire perimeters.

(If this ArcIMS doesn't work, try the backup service here )


NEW!  Fire Perimeters

with detail roads (street labels) (  ) Date provided by GEOMac, USGS. ( and SANDAG.  with help from Rachael Ouellet and Pete Coulter.  (ArcIMS Map Service created by Ming)

Click the map to launch the map viewer (may take 30 seconds), you can use [Magnify tool] to zoom-in the detail areas

Hot Zone Areas (Oct. 29, 30)

( ) on Oct 30-1:30AM and Oct29 MODIS data with detail road maps (need to zoom in to display detail roads) created by Ming.

This web map is created by the help of Rachael Ouellet (digitizing polygons) and Pete Coulter (georeferencing images).  The buffer zone areas are created by 1000 meters buffer distance from the MODIS data on Oct 28, 29, and 30.  If you turn off all hot zones display, you will see a cedar fire image background.  (Ming Tsou)

Geocoded homes in the Scripps Ranch Area

Interactive Web Map with Geocoded destroyed homes in the Scripps Ranch Area (Created by using ArcIMS 4.01).  (With Query and Zoom-in/Zoom-out capability)  NOTICE: this is not a complete data set.  Not all addresses have been entered into the GIS database.  Only 158 records (about 70% of total records) have been geocoded successfully.  The RED dots indicate the destroyed homes and the BLUE dots indicate the unburned one (All homes destroyed in the same street except the Blue ones). (created by Ming Tsou)  (To protect the Home owners' privacy, ALL addresses information have been removed from the GIS data after the geocoding process.)

Click on this map to launch the web map (it may take 30 seconds to open the map).

The data source is from the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (Oct. 28, 10:23am).  The original home addresses have been converted to points on the map and overlayed with remote sensing images. 

Mission Trail Regional Park  (DEMO only)

( )

(Note: this map is part of NASA ARC project)