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JavaScript source code:



if (document.images) {

imageoff = new Image()

imageoff.src = "mtrp.gif"

image2 = new Image()

image2.src = "mtrp_contour.gif"

image3 = new Image()

image3.src = "mtrp_road.gif"

image4 = new Image()

image4.src = "mtrp_stream.gif"

image5 = new Image()

image5.src = "mtrp_urban.gif"


function change(picName, imgName) {

if (document.images) {

imgOn = eval(imgName + ".src")

document[picName].src = imgOn






<div id="Layer6" style="position: absolute; left: 143px; top: 106px; width: 564px; height: 387px; z-index: 6">

<img src="mtrp.gif" NAME = "pic0" width="504" height="387" border = "0"></a></div>

<div id="Layer7" style="position: absolute; left: 46px; top: 131px; width: 67px; height: 288px; z-index: 7">

<p><a Href="contour.htm" onMouseover="change('pic0','image2')" onMouseout="change('pic0','imageoff')">

<INPUT TYPE=IMAGE ALT="Contour" width="57" height="70" src="contour.jpg"> </a>

<p><a Href="Research.htm" onMouseover="change('pic0', 'image3')" onMouseout="change('pic0','imageoff')"> <INPUT TYPE=IMAGE ALT="Roads" width="57" height="70" src="roads.jpg"> </a>

<p><A HREF="water.html" onMouseover="change('pic0', 'image4')"onMouseout="change('pic0','imageoff')">    <INPUT TYPE=IMAGE ALT="Streams" width="57" height="70" src="streams.gif"> </A>

<p> <A HREF="urban.html" onMouseover="change('pic0','image5')"onMouseout="change('pic0','imageoff')">    <INPUT TYPE=IMAGE ALT="Urban" width="57" height="70" src="urban.gif"> </A>


<div id="Layer1" style="position: absolute; left: 52; top: 517; width: 638; height: 1754; z-index: 8">




Image Source: