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Park History

    Established as a park in 1974, MTRP has a long history of habitants before its establishment. The rich history and cultures of the San Dieguito, La Jollan, and the Kumeyaay peoples all inhabited this area over different periods of time thousands of years ago. 

    The Spanish history in the area begin in 1769 with a group of missionaries led by Father Junipero Serra. Settling on the hill above the San Diego River, the missionaries set out to establish missions in the California region. Once the San Diego Mission de Acala was established a source of water was needed to sustain its inhabitants. This gave rise to the need for a dam, and the Old Mission Dam was built in Mission Gorge. The construction of the dam was completed in 1815. 

    Mexico took control of the territory after their war for independence from Span in 1822. The land was then sold in 1846 to Santiago Arguello. After the Mexican-American war California again changed hands and became part of the United States ultimately obtaining statehood in 1850. 

    In 1889 the Mission lands were opened up for settlement. Many ranches and farms were established in the area. Ultimately, the lands became part of the city in 1960.        


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