Hazard Tree Survey Area Viejas Reservation


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Theme: Fire, Wildland Fire, Emergency Incident, Rehabilitation, Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation, BAER, Hazard Tree Survellance
Place: United States of America, California, Southern California, San Diego Co., San Bernardino Co., Viejas Nation Reservation
Stratum: Natural resource management, Emergency Stabilization/Rehabilitation, Hazard Tree Location
Temporal: October, November, 2003

Areas to survey hazard trees Viejas Reservation, extracted from a clip of fire perimeter by ownership.  This was further edited to pick up the wooded edge of the Viejas Valley where people live.  It is assumed that individuals performing survey and falling will have common sense and judgment enough to tell if a tree is dead and cut it down - unless it is habitat.

This data was created for the purpose of supporting the Burned Area Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (BAER) team personnel and report.

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Many documents exist within the BAER project folder to support these map documents and data sets.  These supporting documents exist on a variety of media types and formats.


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