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Theme: Fire, Wildland Fire, Emergency Incident, Rehabiliation, Burned Area Emergency Rehabiliation, BAER
Place: United States of America, California, Southern California, San Diego Co., San Bernadino Co.
Stratum: Natural resource management, Emergency Stabilization/Rehabilitation

Perimeter data from the Paradise Fire created by the suppression IMT GIS support group, created November 3, 2003.  This perimeter was not the final permeter from the suppression IMT but was used as the FINAL PERIMETER for the BAER rehabilitation project.

This data was created for the purpose of supporting the Burned Area Emergency Stabilzation and Rehabilitation (BAER) team personnel and report.

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Many documents exist within the BAER project folder to support these map documents and data sets.  These supporting documents exists on a variety of media types and formats.


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